Letter from our CEO

Thank you for visiting our webpage.


I am a man devoted to God, and my passion is the ministry of helping people in all 3 aspects of life - spiritually, mentally and physically. 

What you see here is the third aspect of life, and one of my passions is to help people succeed financially. I believe with all my heart that Jesus has called us to reign in life, which includes your finances. This is through God's abundant provision of grace (unmerited favor) and the gift of righteousness (which Jesus provided for us when he shouted "It is finished!!") 

My goal is to plan, prosper and grow your assets with guaranteed results. This will involve minimal to zero risk, total protection, guaranteed growth of your money, liquidity use and control, no penalties, disability protection, and tax deferred and tax free distributions. 

Please feel free to contact me at any time at 
edgar@arceofinancial.com;  It would be an honor to help you. 


Edgar I Arceo